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Cai Song da
Underwater Photographer
Xiamen, China
Manila, Philippines

Songda Cai

Ocean & Wildlife Marine Conservation Photographer 

Director Of N.O.C Conservation Group in Shanghai 

Ocean Geographic Emerging Master Photographer


He has won numerous awards in various international photography competitions including the prestigious NHM Wildlife photographer of the year and Windland Smith Rice Nature's Best Photography . His works have been published in countless magazines , books, including the Smithsonian Museum in Washington USA, Natural History Museum in London ,Museum Koenig in Germany , Natuur Museum in Netherland and Venice, Italy. His Photographs have been reported by Chinese and International media channels.


Though many have indulged in black water photography, no one does it with more gusto than Cai.  It is not uncommon for him to dive through the night to the wee hours of early morning. This dogged enthusiasm has paid off tremendously with awards and recognition by his peers. In his words, "Being able to explore the depths of the ocean is one of the most wonderful experiences in life."